Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i'm still alive

I still live and breathe.  Things have been very hectic around the office with new clients (good), software malfunctions (bad) and a new project I have been working on in a further attempt to help people with their family law issues. 

The new project is a form website for do it yourself divorces in Texas, do it yourself wills, etc... This form service will be fully integrated with my existing website as you can see on my here. My service will differ from the free divorce forms and the pay for divorce forms websites in that I will provide legal review of the forms to make sure they are correct.  With the other divorce form websites you simply buy the form and you are on your own.  On mine, you get my assistance with the forms and can even just buy a la carte legal advise.  In the future I will try to integrate a do it yourself modification section for Texas so that you can do your own modifications.

I am very excited about this new service and will announce more about it in the future.

As for my blog posts, I am running a little dry on ideas, so if anyone has some topics that they think are interesting, please let me know and I will make a list.

Type to you soon.