Wednesday, September 12, 2007

do it yourself divorce continued….

I have found an excellent resource for those of you out there pursuing your own "pro se" (representing yourself) divorce. I still think the first step is to contact your local district clerk's office and/or the court for their procedures. Additionally, the Texas Young Lawyers Associtation (TYLA) has put together some great information in assisting you through the legal quagmire. Their website is the and more specifically the family law information can be found at

They have a "Pro Se Divorce Handbook" and "What to Expect in Family Court". Both of these are excellent resources as they pull the curtain back a bit from the process. They've done such a fine job that I think I may not need to do it myself. So it's on to a new topic…..

UPDATE: I now offer online forms that are created and reviewed by an attorney (me). Once created, the documents are forwarded to you with instructions on how to proceed in representing yourself in your own divorce. Visit my website at for further information.


Anonymous said...

I have a question re: what are "Austin" forms? I bought a divorce course (uncontested divorce - no children) - the Court said I need to bring "Austin" Form with me to my court date on Friday; however, I have researched internet & can't find a thing on it - they gave me a form to fill out re: Information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship & I'm wondering if this is it - please email me at thanks-

Chris Schmiedeke said...

Yes, that is the "Austin" form.

Anonymous said...

im am trying to do a divorce on my own we had children before we got married my family got custody before we were married do i do divorce with children or without