Thursday, October 23, 2008

it lives!

Okay it is official, my form website is up and running.  You can visit it through my "uncontested divorce" page on or you can visit it directly at this address.

In addition to providing forms for uncontested (or agreed) divorces in Texas, I will soon have uncontested or agreed petitions to modify Texas orders or decrees already entered by the court.
For instance if you are already divorced but your child says they want to come live with you, and the other parent agrees, you can use my forms to file and finalize a modification of the custody provisions in your decree.  Of course this is for Texas only.

Another example, and important in this economy, is when a divorce decree or order sets an amount of child support that is no longer correct because of changes in your job or you rate of pay, you can use my forms in a very inexpensive fashion to get your child support modified (assuming that your ex is in agreement).

If someone is interested in the forms, they can use them and the "pay for legal advise" section and get help with their specific legal situation.  In this scenario you could file your own lawsuit using my forms and then get the help you need in representing yourself.  Pretty cool.

If none of the above work, you can always retain me if you need to divorce or modify an order in the Dallas, Plano, Denton areas.  Sorry, can't jet down to San Antonio to help you other folks.

Enough self promotion....thanks for reading this mish mash!


Stacie said...

I am trying to fill out a petition to declare my marriage void. On the very first line I am suppose to choose between discovery level 2 and discovery level 3 and I'm completely confused. Can you explain to me the difference? Is it going to be absolutely necessary for me to hire a lawyer to file this petition? I was hoping I would be able to file this myself because I simply cannot afford a lawyer. Also, could you tell me what if any proof I will need to present? I am pretty sure that my "husband" will be willing to admit that he was still married when he married me. And one last question, Do I file the petition to declare the marriage void and the Decree declaring the marriage void at the same time? I am so confused and just want to end this "marriage". I haven't even been living with the man in nearly three years now and just want to be able to put this all behind me. Any insight that you can give me is EXTREMELY appreciated.

Chris Schmiedeke said...

Stacie, I cannot specifically advise you step by step without actually representing you.

If you would like help with your case, you can get assistance for $35 at my website on the uncontested divorce page. The $35 entitles you to an email where you can put all your questions. You will have to review and agree to my limited services agreement and then I could help.

I look forward to hearing from you.