Wednesday, October 14, 2009

separating in Texas and online considerations

If you are separated from your spouse or considering separation, I have attached a great article about how to separate your online life.  From a legal perspective, this article has some good advise, most specifically in regard to passwords.

The majority of divorcing people I deal with in my practice have web-based email such as Yahoo or Hotmail.  If you forget your passwords for those accounts there are certain questions you can answer to change the password.  Problem is, your ex may know the answer to those questions and can then change the password giving them access to all your personal emails.  Be careful with this and enjoy the following article:

How to break up in an online world—and avoid e-stalkers - Ars Technica

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Anonymous said...

I like the article's advice on "unfriending" your ex on social websites, but here's one to consider;

DON'T unfriend!

Especially if your ex has previously or is currently posting useful information to your pending court case (I think you would be surprised at how frequently ex-spouses forget who's in their social audience).

My favorite example of this is the ex (not to name names, but let's just say I know this ex personally) who broadcast a diatribe of his (or her) relationship problems with his (or her) new significant other (which was, more or less, confirmed by tales brought home by the child).

Or perhaps the ex (especially in cases of minor parents) is posting photo evidence of underage drinking, smoking or other illegal (or at least unsavory) behavior?

It never hurts to be informed of things in situations such as this, but let this also serve as a reminder to YOU not to hand your ex a case against youself on a silver platter...via social media!